E-JayCPT, YoungstaCPT & Kay Faith – Proudly Capetonian

Where are the denizens of Cape Town and the lovers of the city? There’s a gift for you – an instant anthem, if you please, a song dubbed Proudly Capetonian.”  It’s from the voices of the city: E-JayCPT, YoungstaCPT & Kay Faith.

We loooove this song. If you have lived in Cape Town and has a close affinity with the city, you might get emotional listening to the troika’s latest drop. A couple of changes to the song and it just might glorify another city, another experience.

Clearly, isn’t just content being from the city. He pays fealty to the city by adopting part of its abbreviation in his stage name (CPT). The same might be said of YoungstaCPT. The champ has perennially glorified Cape Town in his songs and is justly called The Voice of The Cape, apparently in reference to his song of the same title.

Anyway, “Proudly Capetonian” is an immersive number that will get you vibing along in no time. Yep, we welcome it.

Well, what do you think of “Proudly Capetonian” by E-JayCPT, YoungstaCPT & Kay Faith? You might want to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.