Echo Deep & Elias Kazais feature Viiiictor May on ‘Vuka’

Echo Deep and Elias Kazais team up with Viiiictor May for a brand new song tagged ‘Vuka’.

House music lovers are in for a good time because two of the genre’s most significant contributors are out with a new collaboration. Echo Deep and Elias Kazais have made their mark in the House music scene and proven to be great at what they do.

They have come together to create a new song which they title “Vuka”. The song’s production was put together by the two of them while Viiiictor May delivers the vocals, and the excellent lyrics. They really did achieve a lot together.

The new song is very soulful and deep. It is exactly the kind of music you’d expect Echo Deep to drop. It also contains some earthy and hypnotic elements that charges straight to your heart. Stream and download the song below. Also share your thoughts on it.

File removed on 20th September, 2023. Click for new music
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