Eduardo XD – It Ain’t Me TikTok (Remix) Ft. DJ Abux

Eduardo XD is out with a tune that might delight the Tik Tok community out there, dubbed “It Ain’t Me TikTok (Remix).” The track features his pal DJ Abux.

It isn’t often that one sees Eduardo XD and on the same number. But then, as should be obvious from the track in review, they’re simply splendid together. Although we wouldn’t count this the finest of their collaborations, we know for sure it is a prelude to something greater.

Well, until something more energizing drops from their orbit, you may want to join us as we luxuriate in the world of their “It Ain’t Me TikTok (Remix)” tune. The track is deserving of the flame emoji, and you might find yourself giving it just that after a listening session.

Tik Tok is the in-thing for most young people these days. Perhaps without meaning to, Eduardo XD and are stoking the Tik Tok craze with their collaborative track. No qalms, though

Well are you into Eduardo XD’s “It Ain’t Me TikTok (Remix)” tune with DJ Abux? How would you rate it? You may want to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

Eduardo XD – It Ain’t Me TikTok (Remix) Ft.

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