Elaine – Shine

South African singer Elaine is here to “Shine,” and she invites y’all to join her on that journey. We’re sure you’d love it all.

Elaine is one musician with a beautiful soul as well as a beautiful voice. She had risen on her own terms and has continued to snap the attention of the music-loving public with her songs.

“Shine,” her latest drop, is another lyrical winner that we’re confident will not lack fans out there. In that song, as usual, the songstress was in her elements, singing her soul out.

To listen to that number is to want to listen to it again. For one, the songstress manages to speak to the spirit of the listener, channeling positive energy within – energy that will make just about anyone break from the drab and launch into the extraordinary.

It’s a new week and, well, another opportunity to “Shine.” Elaine makes that easy for just about any lover of good music out there. If music is your thing, and you want fidelity with all things great and encouraging, make it a point to savor the lyrical stew she has just prepared. Your soul will thank you for that. Let the music begin.

Elaine – Shine

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