Elandré – Asseblief

Elandré is one name that cannot be missed in South Africa’s Afrikaans music scene. The musician drops memorable beats and might be said to have gotten a secure place in South African music at this point in their career. But that’s by the way

The latest drop, “Asseblief,” bears a fierce Afrikaan energy that is bound to keep you warm if you are already exposed to the genre and happen to be a big fan of it. The track is good.

Let to us, we would put this number among the most memorable from the singer in the past two years. We don’t consider it the finest though: There are better songs from her kitty already, and we expect their best in the future. Until then, of course, there is no harm in helping yourself to what’s on the table.

it’s time to get fed on sumptuous Afrikaans music stew.


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