Eminem – Mocking Bird (Pro-Tee Remix)

It’s a return to remixing habits for South for South African disc jockey and producer Pro-Tee as he drops a remix of an Eminem song.

As you probably already know, Eminem is a famous American rapper, and he released “Mocking Bird” a while back. Pro-Tee must have been charmed by the original to have made the decision to remix it

“Mocking Bird (Pro-Tee Remix)” has the same assurance one has come to expect from remixes from the South African. In this song, you encounter an artiste at peace with his music and with himself, spiting his bars like there’s nothing else worth doing.

The release of this Remix is not at all surprising, as Pro-Tee’s already just famous for always dropping remixes of the works of artistes from around the world – from Sweden to the United Kingdom to the United States and South Africa. The question really is, whose song will Pro-Tee remix or remake next?

Thebiso Professor Nkosi, long famous by the stage name Pro-Tee, is one of the most prolific DJs from South Africa. Week after week, the bod has something to share. Well, go ahead and embrace his latest winner if you please. You should live it.

Eminem – Mocking Bird (Pro-Tee Remix)

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