Emotionz DJ & Soa Mattrix – Finest Album

Emotionz DJ and Soa Mattrix premiere their “Finest” album, which is available for your listening pleasure here on UbeToo.

When a musician or a group presents a project with the title “Finest,” it exerts great pressure on itself, for then people will start judging the project on the basis of the title. Is it good enough? Or it is nothing more than a misnomer?

Left to us, we would say the might not be the finest we have listened to this week, but it’s undoubtedly worth the listening time. From the very first track, the listener knows that he’s in for something exciting. And that’s what he gets, ultimately.

The compilation begins with “Soul to Soul,” incorporating “Mhlobo Wami,” “Amapentshishi,” “Inhloso” and several others, and then ends with “Desha.”

JFS music, King Tone SA, Murumba Pitch, Happy Jazzman, Bassie, Faith Strings, Soulful G and Aymos are among the musicians that made the guest list.

“Finest” is a sumptuous offering. But then, anyone who loves good music should have a splendid time with the compilation as well. It’s worth the playtime. So yeah, you can add it to your playlist without qualms. Let the music begin if you please.

Emotionz DJ & Soa Mattrix – Finest Tracklist

  • 1. Emotionz DJ & Soa mattrix – Soul to Soul (feat. Faith Strings)
  • 2. Emotionz DJ & Soa mattrix – Mhlobo wami (feat. Bassie & Soulful G)
  • 3. Emotionz DJ & Soa mattrix – Ama Pentshisi (feat. Aymos & Happy Jazzman)
  • 4. Emotionz DJ & Soa mattrix – Inhloso (feat. Murumba Pitch & Happy Jazzman)
  • 5. Emotionz DJ & Soa mattrix – ulisela (feat. Mashudu)
  • 6. Emotionz DJ & Soa mattrix – bass drop
  • 7. Emotionz DJ & Soa mattrix – Daytime (feat. JFS Music & King Tone Sa)
  • 8. Emotionz DJ & Soa mattrix – Desh

Emotionz DJ & Soa Mattrix – Finest Album Download

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