Emtee Drops Music Video For “Brand New Day” Featuring Lolli Native

Emtee releases official video for "Brand New Day"

Emtee drops new music video for “Brand New Day”.

It’s been an amazing year for Mzansi rapper, Emtee already. Even though his private Emails got hacked, the rapper is still set to own the airwaves and the charts with his new music like he always does.

After much delay, for hacking issues, he’s out now with the official video for the song, “Brand New Day”. Every SA Hip Hop fan has been waiting for it to drop since the rapper revealed that he would release it. Finally, he has, and we’re so excited to share.

Since Emtee released the two songs, “Wave” and “Brand New Day”, he has received a lot of praise for all the work and creativity he put into them. Literally everyone is waiting for when he finally comes through with a full length album. For now, let’s enjoy the new video for “Brand New Day”.

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