Emtee – Logan (Song)

Emtee’s recently released “Logan” album has an eponymous song that is at once exciting and memorable. That’s what you’ll be hearing about in this post.

The song “Logan,” while not the finest in Emtee’s compilation of the same title, will easily snap the attention of the listener. For one, Emtee had a great time spitting his bars. Also, the focus appears to be on the son for whom he named the album.

In music, Emtee choose to live his truth, sometimes revealing about himself more than is necessary. This has led to many rocks of criticism falling on his path. But then his appeal as a musician lies in path in his candour.

That candour is activated on this song, giving the listener glimpses into Emtee’s psyche. “Logan” the song is something to possess an actually have on repeat s we have no qualms asking y’all to check it out why not?

What do you think of Emtee’s “Logan” song ad how would you rate it? Do you think the songster nailed it? Why or why not? You’re welcome to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section. Way to go, peeps!

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