Espiquet’s New Joint ‘Rata’ Features Cye & Mondo Dusk

Espiquet drops new joint, "Rata" featuring Cye and Mondo Dusk

Espiquet dishes real life thrills on this brand new joint titled “Rata” featuring Cye and Mondo Dusk.

If everyone in the world made music like Espiquet, then we’d all be able to relate to them. The talented muso knows exactly how to make you embrace a song because of the way he creates it. You’re going to need to hear this one to know what we mean.

Check this, the new song “Rata” was recorded while “shawty” was getting new ink all over her back. Mad crazy. Well, that’s the explanation for all the buzzy-buzz you might be hearing in the background. Now, we feel like we are also getting a tattoo.

This new joint doesn’t disappoint. He tags along with Cye and Mondo Dusk on this one. Together, the three acts create an absolute masterpiece that fans are going to get addicted to. If you haven’t heard it, we suggest you do because it’s banging.

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