F3 Dipapa, Fosh Pilato & Tswyza – Level 3

F3 Dipapa, Fosh Pilato and Tswyza release new song "Level 3"

F3 Dipapa teams up with Fosh Pilato and Tswyza to drop a brand new joint titled “Level 3”.

SA Hip-hop has just been amazing this year with various drops from the genre’s best acts. Every release from the genre has impacted the airwaves really well because we’ve got many dope new tunes to choose from.

Mzansi rapper, F3 Dipapa is quite the talented muso himself. He’s got so much potential to take his sound and style farther than it is already in the Hip-hop scene. We believe that could be happening soon. If you’ve caught some of his releases including “Duma Mfundisi”, “LeGwina”, then you’ll know just how good he is.

He’s out this time with a brand new offering. He calls this one “Level 3”, obviously named after the new state of the lockdown. The song features Fosh Pilato and Tswyza. All three acts are just amazing on it, and it makes it worth the listen. You should check it out.

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