Faith K Goes “Qosh” In New Single Following Hiatus – Listen

If you feel it’s been a while since you heard from Faith K, best believe that you are not alone. The good news is that the songstress is back, and she brings with her a relatable jam dubbed “Qosh.”

What’s with a title? We wouldn’t know in this case, but best assured that, whatever the symbolism that comes to mind from the title of this beat, you will most likely still have a good time vibing with it. it’s good.

This is not just a song but an explanatory presentation from the singer. From listening to it, you get a feel as to why she has been away from the scene and what informed her decision to return.

She has not just resurfaced on the scene, she came with a bomb. The result is a musical experience that is at once relatable and enjoyable.

it should be your pleasure to check out the song below and, of course, look out for what next she might drop. The reason is simple enough: What you have here is a dessert of sorts – a number fans can hold to after a hiatus while the songstress cooks some other stuff.

It’s time to go “Qosh”!

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