Felo Le Tee & LeeMckrazy – Phoko Phokho

Piano hitmaker Felo Le Tee teams up with LeeMcKrazy to release a new song titled “Phoko Phokho.”

The Piano scene has continued to deliver good music to the airwaves. Familiar names like Felo Le Tee and other hitmakers who have released new music. His entries have all been well-received.

He dropped the “Boiler Room Mix (Lisbon)” and collaborated with Toss and Massive 95k on “Mabadle Basuthe” featuring L4Desh 55 and Mo Tee. He also teamed up with LeeMcKrazy and Ceeka RSA and released “Into Encane.” His releases have all been impressive. No doubt, he has a lot of great plans for the year.

Felo Le Tee is back with a new collaboration. He teamed up with LeeMcKrazy and released a song titled “Phoko Phokho.” They both did a fantastic job on it. Check the song out below to listen to it. Also, add it to a playlist of your choice this week.

Phoko Phokho

Felo Le Tee & LeeMckrazy - Phoko Phokho Thabza Tee & MuziqalTone

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