Felo Le Tee & Myztro – Trip To Oxford

Felo Le Tee and go on a “Trip To Oxford” but somehow remain here in Mzansi. Puzzled about that sentence that reads like a paragraph of witchcraft? You’re not alone. Well, the two pals have only just released a song.

“A Trip To Oxford” is not exactly the first song the two have worked on. But in the title and even in the lyrics, it’s one number that attracts attention. We have no qualms saying we love this number. You might like it too.

Lelo Le Tee is one of the forces driving South Africa’s amapiano emergence, and although he might not be the songster snatching all the headlines, he’s yet deserving of a place on a playlist.

His latest drop shows yet his creative powers. Here you find a confident artiste who didn’t deliberately set out to impress but did that anyway. The whole exercise is effortless and admirable.

Myztro. The euphony of the name spills over into the songster’s music. You’re promised a euphonious encounter and that’s what you get. In the end, not only would you lap it up, you would want to ask for more.

Now that’s one good reason to go on a “Trip To Oxford” with and Felo Le Tee. Au revoir!

Felo Le Tee & Myztro – Trip To Oxford

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