Fey M Drops Uzung’khohlwe With Temlaz

Fey M is out with a new song titled “Uzung’khohlwe,” featuring the disc jockey and producer Temlaz, which you can stream here on UbeToo.

“Uzung’khohlwe” was intensely anticipated, Fey M having informed fans of the song’s coming almost a week earlier. Looking back, one might say that fans haven’t wasted their expectations. “Uzung’khohlwe” is a lyrical winner and worthy of a place on a playlist.

Fey M is an up-and-coming singer with a voice you wouldn’t mind hearing over and over again. Though new on the scene, she has been networking seriously with older voices and is is effusive and open in her gratitude.

Fey M and DJ Temlaz make a fine artistic combination. By having a profound musical synergy, we think this two actually owe us more songs in the coming days. Hopefully they link up again and treat us to music worth extended stay on a playlist.

We might as well add that “Uzung’khohlwe” is a prelude to what is one the way – something charming and worth sharing.

Would you say the wait for “Uzung’khohlwe” by Fey M and Temlaz has been worth it? You might wan to check out the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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