Flvme Releases “Fall Thru” & “Only One” From His Lost Files

Flvme’s Lost Files have been found and the songster has shared some of the numbers with his fans, notably “Fall Thru” & “Only One.”

In a tweet the controversial muso hinted at starting the process again – probably with the to sonngs as interim  releases. You can check out his post below.

Both songs from the Lost Files have no guests. sang song and actually stood out on both numbers. If both songs should e taken as prelude to what is imminent, then we see many fans out there watching out for what might drop from the hio hop star next.

“Fall Thru” and “Only One” dropped amid a little crisis with fellow rapper Emtee. Bothe have fired shots at each other who is superior to the other and has recrded the most career wins.  So heated was the argument that another notabe rapper, Da L.E.S, had had to intervene, asking both to hang their guns.

What do you think of “Fall Thru” & “Only One.” And how would you rate both? Do you have a favourite among them? You may want to stream and download both songs below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

Only One Mp3 Download

Fall Thru Mp3 Download

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