Flvme Unleashes “Facetime” Music Video With Die Mondez – Watch

It’s “Facetime” for Mzansi rapper Flvme and his pal Die Mondez, and their focus is, wait for it, pussy, money, weed.

As jarring as that might sound, that was what Flvme himself stated in a recent tweet.”Very simple,” he had added for effect. The bloke doesn’t want anyone to stress him. He’s just out to have the good life – or the corruption of it.

And to ensure his fans don’t miss what he’s just dropped and the message behind it, he’d encouraged them to check out the music video. The stats so far indicated that fans have not been slack in doing his bidding.

Flvme is not exactly heavy on music videos, so he must have thought highly of “Facetime” to have released a music video for it. The song was released last year, and the music video follows the unveiling of the songster’s “While You Wait” EP. Here, fans aren’t waiting. Lol

“Facetime” the video buzzes hip hop, but it’s actually a video for anyone who loves the good life – or, as some would say, Flvme’s version or corruption of the same. There’s no drab moment to this video, and we’re sure you’re going to love every minute watching it. Come on!

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