Frank Apollo – I Wish You Felt What I Felt EP

Frank Apollo has released his latest EP, “I Wish You Felt What I Felt,” a four-track project that carries an intense emotional weight. A collection that’s bound to resonate with many, the EP skillfully combines Apollo’s signature touch with fresh musicality.

The EP opens with “Call Me When You Get Home,” a bitter-sweet four minute, twenty-one-second saga that pulsates with raw emotion. Following the opener, “Please Visit Again (I Miss You)” adds to the emotional depth with its touching lyrics and melodies that seem to wrap you in a warm embrace despite its longing tone.

The third track, “Sons of Umsondo (Good Days)” features Boys of Soweto, resulting in a unique tune that links Apollo’s music roots with vibrant beats. Lastly, “A Stroll In Our Nike Sneakers” provides a graceful finale to the EP, a track that hits the sweet spot amidst the confluence of multiple music genres.

Overall, the EP solidly underscores Apollo’s musical range and capacity to stir potent emotions through his art. The amalgamation of sensitive lyricism, heart-tugging melodies, and Apollo’s unique vocal inflections solidifies him as a must-watch artist in the music sphere.

I Wish You Felt What I Felt – EP

Artist: Frank Apollo
Genres: Jazz
Release Date: 4/25/2024
Track Count: 4
Explicitness: notExplicit
Copyright: ℗ 2024 Beats & Love


# Title Artist Duration Status
1 Call Me When You Get Home Frank Apollo 4:21 Released
2 Please Visit Again (I Miss You) Frank Apollo 4:30 Released
3 Sons of Umsondo (Good Days) [feat. Boys of Soweto] Frank Apollo 3:55 Released
4 A Stroll In Our Nike Sneakers Frank Apollo 4:44 Released


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