G-Eazy Rides With Devon Baldwin In “Angel Cry”

G-Eazy drops "Angel Cry" featuring Devon Baldwin

G-Eazy releases new song “Angel Cry” featuring Devon Baldwin.

We might as well regard Bay Area rapper, G-Eazy as the man with the double drops. It has almost become a norm with him to always release two songs at once. Last time we saw him, he was doing covers of songs including The Beatles which was a beautiful new direction for his music.

He’s back this time, fronting both the Hip Hop and Pop genres with his newest drops. He calls one “Moana”, and this one “Angel Cry”. The former features rising rapper Jack Harlow, while the latter features Pop Bay Area singer, Devon Baldwin.

“Angel Cry” is more of a pop ballad, the kind of song Eminem would thrive on. G-Eazy is introspective on it, he raps about his personal life, and about the good parts of it and the bad parts too. Fans will find this one really interesting.