Gemini Major – Ewele ft. Dunnie & Focalistic

South African music producer Gemini Major leaps into the scene with “Ewele” featuring Dunnie and Focalistic.

Before the release of the song, Gemini Major had informed fans it was imminent, describing t as special. While we’re loath to use the special tag on this number, we know for sure that it is something that will excite the hip-hop crowd out there.

Gemini Major has been busy producing for other artists he apparently forgot he should be dropping the numbers regularly. Anyway, he’s just released a number that is worth every second of its playtime.

Why he worked with Dunnie and Focalistic on this song is something we are unable to answer, but as should be apparent present, both guests did well on this number. Yeah, all three were mutually complementary, leaving the listener with the hope they’d link up again. Well, until another collaborative drop, it is a walk into “Ewele.” Come on!

What do you think of Gemini Major’s “Ewele” song with Dunnie and Focalistic and how would you rate it on a scale of zero to ten? You’re welcome to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

Gemini Major – Ewele ft. Dunnie & Focalistic

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