Gigi Lamayne – All Shades (Stop Bullying)

The events of the past few days have led to moments of introspection out of which we have got a new song titled “All Shades.”

Gigi Lamayne, the lady behind the song, has been bullied all her life, called ugly and just made to feel bad. As a result, she was suicidal at some point. She’s drawing strength now, though, and is channeling the same energy for those who would listen.

“All Shades” is Gigi Lamayne’s attempt to turn pain into a lesson, bringing healing to her audience, while also fighting the bullying scourge in Mzansi.

The inspiration for this song is most probably the recent social media war with Inno Morolong. Inno had dismissed as ugly and also accused her of trying to steal her man.

An angry had contacted his lawyers, who slammed Inno with an R1 million suit. Inno sued for peace and the case was withdrawn. But it, alongside past experiences, would provide Gigi the inspiration for her song in review.

Anyone who believes in the dignity of humanity and in the message of love and amity should snap this song as soon as possible. It is relevant and bears a message for all

Gigi Lamayne – All Shades

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