Gigi Lamayne & Megatronic – Let My People Go

Where is that stubborn pharaoh that has refused to listen? South African rapper Gigi Lamayne has got a message for you – “Let My People Go”! There you have the title of her recent collaborative tune with Megatronic.

Known for also attempting the ambitious, the songstress did that again with this tune, bringing a world of imagery to her audience.

The decision to work with Megatronic is something we applaud, as the two musicians showed great collaborative synergy. Yup. This much should be obvious to you from the start. The way they pulled off this collaborative coup, one would think they have a long collaborative history.

They do not. But we have no quarrel with that. And you shouldn’t either. What’s important is the beauty of what they have just put together. Oh, where’s that pharaoh again? You have mail, man! Gigi Lamayne and Megatronic are saying, “Let My People Go”!

Let My People Go

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