Gigi Lamayne Unleashes “Mojo Jojo” featuring Bri Biase

Gigi Lamayne drops "Mojo Jojo" featuring Bri Biase

Gigi Lamayne drops highly anticipated song, “Mojo Jojo” featuring Bri Biase.

Boy, are we glad that this is finally here. We literally counted the minutes up till the time it dropped. That’s what happens when you anticipate a song so much that you want to be among the first people to hear it.

For a while before the release of the song, Gigi began dropping hints about it on social media. From all the hints she dropped, we got to know that her ‘upcoming’ song would feature an female American rapper named Bri Biase. Finally it’s out now and we can’t keep calm about it.

Don’t worry, we won’t spoil it for you, we’d like you to decide if it hits the bar or not all yourself. Well, the SA Hip-hop act is famous for her dope bars and how much she stands out on a tune. This isn’t any exemption.

Preview, stream download here.

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