Gnarls Barkley – Crazy (Knight SA & LebtoniQ Remix)

A while back, Gnarls Barkley went “Crazy” on a song. Not long after, Knight SA and LebtoniQ emerged with a remix of the number. The result is “Crazy (Knight SA & LebtoniQ Remix).”

If you’re a student of South African music, you probably already know that the Rainbow Nation is the hub of remixes. Day in, day out, you run into musicians remixing their songs or remixing the songs of other musicians.

Over time, a flourishing remixing industry had evolved; no, that’s not a complaint. On the contrary, remixes ensure that fans get to see songs in new lights, possibly with new voices on them. If you should ask us, one such number is playing right now – a lyrical winner.

The weekend isn’t here. Yet it would hurt to get a little crazy with s charming tune from these musos. So in the spirit of a good time, open your soul to “Crazy (Knight SA & LebtoniQ Remix).”

Gnarls Barkley – Crazy (Knight SA & LebtoniQ Remix)

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