Goldmax Of Distruction Boyz Releases “Alcohol Free” Mixtape

Goldmax (Distruction Boyz) releases new mixtape "Alcohol Free"

Goldmax of the Distruction Boyz releases an “Alcohol Free” mixtape to fulfil his promise to fans.

Asides being part of the Distruction Boyz  Mzansi Disc Jockey and producer, Goldmax has built a successful solo career for himself and gained many fans doing so. You have to just love how consistent he has been in delivering good music.

A while ago, the talented hit maker promised his fans a mixtape, but didn’t really specify when he would release it. Finally, it’s here and we’re loving. He took to his Instagram page to announce the release and also share links to stream it.

The brand new mixtape titled “Alcohol Free” is almost an hour long and features energetic beats and music from start till finish. In case you’re looking to host a virtual party or just chill on your own, this can come in handy. You really should have a listen.



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