H.E.R. Drops “Wrong Places” After “Songland” Appearance

H.E.R releases "Wrong Places" Alafter "Songland" appearance

H.E.R releases “Wrong Places” after appearing in Songland.

You should know by now that Grammy-winning R&B star, H.E.R is the ideal superstar. She’s become famous for her beautiful music which is both raw and honest, and really very emotional. Who wouldn’t want to write a song for her. Lol.

The R&B star recently appeared on NBC’s songwriting competition series, Songland where up and coming songwriters attempt to write hits for famous artists. Of course, knowing her music, you’d be certain it’s all about feeling something which was exactly what she asked for.

She revealed she was looking to hear something written from the heart. She also defined her sound to the writers calling it “emotional, and sometimes, a lecture.” She further revealed, “It’s R&B at the core, but it’s so many other things.”

She ended up choosing “Wrong Places” written  by Raquel Castro. The song is a classic H.E.R song driven by the tune of an acoustic guitar. You should hear it.

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