Harrycane, Master KG & DJ LaTimmy – Dubula (Remake) ft. Eemoh

"Dubula" Remix Hits the Airwaves: Harrycane, Master KG & DJ LaTimmy Team Up with Eemoh

A Fresh Take on a Vibrant Hit – The Remake of “Dubula” Brings New Energy to Dance Floors

In a thrilling collaboration, Harrycane, Master KG, and DJ LaTimmy have joined forces to release a dynamic remake of the track “Dubula,” featuring the vocal talents of Eemoh. This new rendition, titled “Dubula (Remake),” infuses the original with a fresh burst of energy and has quickly become a topic of conversation in South Africa’s vibrant music scene.

The track stands out with its unique blend of highlife’s rhythmic fervor and the pulsating beats of electronic dance music, creating a sound that’s both innovative and invigorating. The remake showcases the musicians’ ability to elevate a beloved song while maintaining the essence that made it a hit.

Dubula (Music Video) HarryCane x Master KG & DJ Latimmy  (Feat.Eemoh)

As “Dubula” remake gains momentum, listeners are treated to a sonic experience that bridges genres and showcases the collaborative spirit of these talented artists. The song is readily available for streaming and has been recommended as a must-add to contemporary playlists, promising to be a staple in both local and international music charts.

Dubula (Remake)

Dubula (Nyusa Nyusa) HarryCane x Master KG & DJ Latimmy (Feat.Eemoh)

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