Heavy-K Drops “Wami Forever” Featuring Soulstar & Mo-T (Mi Casa)

The wait is finally over as the drum boss, Heavy-K unveils his 2021 first release titled "Wami Forever" which sees him feature some of the best in the game, Soulstar and Mo-T are enlisted on the potential hit banger. The new song is now available for mp3 download and streaming on major music platforms

“We created magic together,” Heavy K had stated, announcing the imminence of a new song titled “Wami Forever,” in collaboration with Soulstar ad Mo-T.

In retrospect, one cannot begrudge the Drum Boss his confidence. True to his words, he actually created something beautiful – a song that will resonate with any lover of good music out there.

Also, in his choices of Mo-T and Soulstar, he merits commendation. For one, the two artistes performed remarkably well alongside Heavy K. The coming together of these three artistes is cause for excitement.

“Wami Forever” is a song you wanna play over and over. It’s a song a great sonic force that is charming on every level. In fact, on the strength of this song, we see many music nuts hankering fore more collaborative tunes from the troika.

Hopoefully they link up again for something just as creative. Until then, you know what? It’s “Wami Forever.”

How would you rate “Wami Forever” by Heavy K and his [pals Mo-T and Soulstar? Do you agree with the lead artiste that he actaully created magic with his pals? We invite you to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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