Amidst the buzz of the music industry, HGA RADIO’s latest album has finally hit the airwaves today, April 19, 2024. Aptly titled with the artist’s name, this eagerly awaited release boasts a total of 11 tracks, each meticulously crafted to delight listeners of all ages. Notably, the album has been carefully curated to ensure a clean and wholesome listening experience, free from any explicit content, making it suitable for a wide audience.

Under the esteemed copyright of HGA/LVRN Records (Love Renaissance), this musical gem has been polished to perfection, ready to captivate audiences with its diverse soundscapes and evocative lyrics. From the infectious beats of the opening track “Ride Or Die,” featuring Al Xapo, Tango Supreme & Sthibo de Beat, to the soul-stirring melodies of “Siyakhala” with Al Xapo & FKA Moses, each song promises to take listeners on a captivating sonic journey.

Throughout the album, collaborations with esteemed artists add depth and dimension to the music, with tracks like “Wait For Me” and “Funa” showcasing the artist’s versatility and creativity. Noteworthy collaborations with FKA Moses in songs like “Dali Weh” and “Khonabani” highlight the seamless synergy between the artists, while “Umoya Wam” stands as a poignant solo piece, showcasing the artist’s individual artistry.

Tracks like “Dedela,” featuring RIVALZ, and “Sebenza,” featuring FKA Moses, further diversify the album’s sonic landscape, offering a blend of genres and styles that are sure to resonate with audiences worldwide. As the album draws to a close with the epic finale “PHAMBANISA,” featuring Leandra.Vert and Optimist Music ZA, listeners are treated to a crescendo of emotions and melodies, leaving them craving for more.

HGA RADIO’s latest release is a testament to the artist’s talent and dedication, promising fans a rich and immersive musical experience that will linger in their hearts and minds long after the final track fades away.


Genres: Electronic
Release Date: 4/19/2024
Track Count: 11
Explicitness: cleaned
Copyright: ℗ 2023 HGA/LVRN Records (Love Renaissance)


# Title Artist Duration Status
1 Ride Or Die (feat. Al Xapo, Tango Supreme & Sthibo de Beat) Optimist Music ZA & FKA Moses 7:30 Released
2 Siyakhala (feat. Al Xapo & FKA Moses) Chley & Colkaze 7:43 Released
3 Wait For Me (feat. Lwami, Money Ostrich, Sinaye & PlayNevig) Colkaze & FKA Moses 7:12 Released
4 Funa (feat. Don De Guitarist) Leandra.Vert & Sthibo de Beat 7:21 Released
5 Dali Weh (feat. FKA Moses) Optimist Music ZA & Tony Duardo 8:04 Released
6 Khonabani (feat. Chley, Za’Nator & FKA Moses) BoiBizza & Jobe London 7:59 Released
7 Umoya Wam Leandra.Vert 3:48 Released
8 Amacala (feat. Titobeats) Mike Ludar, Baby S.O.N & Colkaze 7:26 Released
9 Dedela (feat. RIVALZ) Chley & Sthibo de Beat 4:36 Released
10 Sebenza (feat. FKA Moses) Al Xapo & Leandra.Vert 3:18 Released
11 PHAMBANISA (feat. Leandra.Vert & Optimist Music ZA) Al Xapo & K.O.B SA 7:51 Released


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