Imp Tha Don Links Up With Ex Global & Ghoust On 20 Large

Imp Tha Don drops 20 Large featuring Ex Global and Ghoust

Imp Tha Don drops brand new joint “20 Large” featuring Ex Global and Ghoust.

What’s your ideal collaboration? Ours are ones like this. Songs that would make you shiver when you hear the names of the artistes collaborating on it. That’s it for us.

Indeed, the game just got a thousand times more lit than it was before because Imp Tha Don just dished a stunner that’s about to take up the airwaves. He calls it “20 Large”, and on it, he features Ex Global, and Ghoust. The joint was produced by MashBeatz. We cant say exactly how this new Collab makes us feel, maybe you’d understand after you’ve heard it.

The Hip-hop scene has been lit with a lot of drops this year, and many have said the genre is coming back for the throne on the airwaves. With this new offering, fans will flip. Of course, literally everyone would want to hear “20 Large” as much as we did.

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