Imp Tha Don – Money.Power.Respect Album

SA Hip Hop star, IMP Tha Don has blessed the airwaves with his brand new album tagged “Money Power Respect”.

Mzansi is proud of the new project IMP Tha Don has delivered to the airwaves. Last year, he made a good impression with a couple of releases. Some of them include the scorching “New World Order Freestyle” which was quite the game-changer.

He also dropped “20 Large” with Ex Global & Ghoust, and “Snakes and Flutes” with Ghoust & Kri$h. His works have gained him more fans. Now, he’s back with a new album tagged “Money Power Respect”. The new album houses a total of 12 tracks and features contributions from various hit makers.

Imp Tha Don – Money.Power.Respect Album Details

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2021-11-28
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: ZAF

They include Wordz, Mass The Difference, Jay Jody, Gua’ The Wise, Kri$h, A-Reece, Loatinover Pounds, and Thato Saul. They each deliver amazing performances in the new song. Be sure to check the album out below to listen to it.

Imp Tha Don – Money.Power.Respect Album Tracklist

NO Title Artist Time
1 Westview (Intro) IMP THA DON 1:38
2 BROKEN HOMES (feat. Wordz) IMP THA DON 3:23
3 RAP BAR MITZVAH (feat. Mass the Difference) IMP THA DON 2:37
4 BORN WIDDIT (feat. Jay Jody) IMP THA DON 2:37
5 BIG BAGS (feat. Gua’ the Wise) IMP THA DON 3:12
6 SOBER (feat. Kri$h) IMP THA DON 2:59
7 Fresh Out the Bed IMP THA DON 3:39
8 MONEY.POWER.RESPECT (feat. A-reece) IMP THA DON 4:12
9 4PIPE (feat. Loatinover Pounds) IMP THA DON 3:51
10 DAILY BASIS (feat. A-reece & Wordz) IMP THA DON 5:39
12 ALL BLACKE (feat. Thato Saul) IMP THA DON 2:42
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