Indigo Stella Is Success “Hungry” In New Track

Indigo Stella is pretty “Hungry,” and you just might have the same feeling listening to her song of that title – hungry for musical salvation and hungry to achieve your dreams.

In early September, Indigo Stella had shared a clip of her in the studio. She had captioned the clip, the making of. What, exactly, she did not reveal. But that is right on our face now, the song “Hungry.”

“Hungry” is set to be an anthem for those with purpose-driven lives, those with an abiding hunger for success and who would just not give up in the quest for achieving their dreams.

Indigo Stella has got in “Hungry” a song that should be of massive appeal to just about anyone in any stage of life. The song promises to keep you mobile in your thoughts, and you just might accelerate in life listening to it.

By the way, the song follows several guest appearances on the works of other artists, including on Angie Santana’s “Money,” a song that emotionally enriched many fans.

How would you rate the “Hungry” song by Indigo Stella? You might want to stream it below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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