Indlabeyiphika – Lufana Namajuba

Off the latest project from the group is Lufana Namajuba. The latest physical CD project boasts of 14 track is a complete body of work right for the festive season. They have been promoting the project for a while now and it finally dropped in the earlier hours of today. The physical format of the is currently selling in retail stores.

The latest is a 14-tracks body of work and it is titled Isibuko Samajongo and Lufana Namajuba happens to be the number 5 track and also fans favourite.

have proven their skills for traditional South African music for a while now and they show no signs of stepping down anytime soon. The talented group are at the fore front of the Maskandi genre. The release of their latest is one of the regular practices within the Maskandi community where they tend to release a physical CD album at the end of each year.

They do this because listening to the songs on CDs is part of the tradition of the Maskandi genre. Checkout Lufana Namajuba below and let us know what you think.

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