Inkabi Nation – Inkabi Nation Album Ft. Big Zulu, Siya Ntuli, Xowla, Lwah Ndlunkulu, Mduduzi Ncube

Big Zulu, Ntuli, Xowla, Lwah Ndlunkulu, and Ncube link up for a collaborative album dubbed “Inkabi Nation” album, which you can stream here on UbeToo, your go-to place for all things South African music and entertainment.

It’s a promise made and fulfilled for Big Zulu, who had earlier informed fans about the project and shared the tracklist with them as well. True to his promise, the compilation dropped on schedule and featured the musicians the songster said it would.

“Inkabi Nation” is a joint project encapsulating the musicians signed to the rapper’s record label, Inkabi Records. The release is akin to what Nigeria’s has done with “Mavin All Stars” and similar projects. But that’s by the way.

“Inkabi Nation” album that we would consider tight in the sense that the listener doesn’t have to labour through a dense journey to appreciate what the songsters have put together – a project of agreeable rap and house energy that will titillate music lovers out there.

Beyond that, the collaborative synergy among the musicians will delight music lovers and leave them wondering when the associates will link up for another body of work. Anyway, in the interim, you may join us as we explore the universe of “Inkabi Nation.”

Inkabi Nation Album Tracklist/Download

  1. Intro
  2. Xowla, Siya Ntuli, Mduduzi Ncube, L.A Beatz – Okwamazolo
  3. Xowla, Lwah Ndlunkulu, Siya Ntuli, Mduduzi Ncube – Yinto Enjani
  4. Mduduzi Ncube, Siya Ntuli & Lwah Ndlunkulu – All I Need To Know
  5. Mduduzi Ncube, Lwah Ndlunkulu, Siya Ntuli – Abantu
  6. Big Zulu, Mduduzi Ncube, Lwah Ndlunkulu, Siya Ntuli, Xowla – Voicemail
  7. Xowla, Mduduzi Ncube, Siya Ntuli, Big Zulu – Shuni Wenkabi
  8. Siya Ntuli, Big Zulu, Mduduzi Ncube, Lwah Ndlunkulu – Impendulo
  9. Big Zulu, Mduduzi Ncube, Lwah Ndlunkulu, Siya Ntuli, Xowla – Amanz Ewolintshi
  10. Lwah Ndlunkulu, Siya Ntuli, Mduduzi Ncube – Umaqondana
  11. Siya Ntuli, Mduduzi Ncube, Big Zulu – Kuyokhanya
  12. L.A Beatz, Lwah Ndlunkulu, Mduduzi Ncube, Siya Ntuli – Naphakade
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