Inkabi Zezwe, Sjava & Big Zulu – Ukhamba Album

Sjava and Big Zulu's 'Ukhamba' Album Storms the Airwaves Today

Today, hip-hop heavyweights from South Africa, Sjava and Big Zulu, launched their much-awaited joint album, “Ukhamba,” which immediately took over the radio and streaming services.

Inkabi Zezwe, the duo’s collective name, has been steadily generating buzz ahead of this release. The album’s popularity was predicated on its first track, “Umbayimbayi,” which became platinum a week after going gold.

The 10-track album “Ukhamba” seamlessly fuses Sjava and Big Zulu’s different styles, making it an engrossing listen from beginning to end. The CD explores the kinship between the two musicians, who are both from KwaZulu-Natal’s Bergville. Sjava stated that the timing of the collaboration resulted in an organic flow throughout the song.

The pair in leopard print holding a unifying object is seen on the album’s cover image, which has been altered to represent their shared goal. Their followers, anticipating the project’s release, connected with its visual representation.

‘Ukhamba’ quickly became popular on social media after its release as admirers praised the well-executed effort. Given the artists’ strong ties to their hometown, the record has also received praise for referencing the local scene.

On Inkabi Zezwe’s official Instagram page, the release date of the album was revealed. It was also made possible to pre-order the album on popular music streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Deezer. The album’s lead track, “Umbayimbayi,” has also had its official music video released, which has increased interest in it.

‘Ukhamba’ by Inkabi Zezwe, which demonstrates the potent chemistry between two of SA Hip Hop’s most renowned stars, is a turning point. Given ‘Umbayimbayi’s success and the artists’ established reputation, the album is predicted to perform well on the charts. Following this significant release, fans are invited to follow updates on Inkabi Zezwe’s developments.

Ukhamba Album


  1. Inkabi Zezwe, Sjava & Big Zulu – Intro (Inkabi Zezwe)
  2. Inkabi Zezwe, Sjava & Big Zulu – Khaya Lami
  3. Inkabi Zezwe, Sjava & Big Zulu – Siyabonga
  4. Inkabi Zezwe, Sjava & Big Zulu – Omunye
  5. Inkabi Zezwe, Sjava & Big Zulu – Umbayimbayi
  6. Inkabi Zezwe, Sjava & Big Zulu – Uthando Lunye
  7. Inkabi Zezwe, Sjava & Big Zulu – Umaphusheni
  8. Inkabi Zezwe, Sjava & Big Zulu – Slow Jam Sase Bergville
  9. Inkabi Zezwe, Sjava & Big Zulu – Iskhwele
  10. Inkabi Zezwe, Sjava & Big Zulu – Sayona
  11. Inkabi Zezwe, Sjava & Big Zulu – Ilanga
  12. Inkabi Zezwe, Sjava & Big Zulu – Impumelelo ft. Xowla
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