InQfive – On My Way (Tech Mix)

South African music producer InQfive returns to UbeToo with a new jam dubbed “On My Way (Tech Mix).” The songster is no newbie to mixes, so the latest drop is in no way surprising.

More than that, the number itself resonates with us. It’s a pleasure to listen to. So, it was easy deciding to share it with you all. Come along.

Our only quarrel, though, is that the songster failed to share the cover art of the track on his Instagram page – a big fail for any artist desirous of having their name out there. But that’s by the way.

Our grouse notwithstanding, we encourage you to check out the number InQfive has put together. “On My Way (Tech Mix)” is a jam for all, whether they are into the genre of expression or not. So open your playlist for this scorcher and see my InQfive is one artist not to write off.

InQfive – On My Way (Tech Mix)

File removed on 20th September, 2023. Click for new music
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