Internet Girl Is “Leaving Again” On New Song

Internet Girl releases "Leaving Again"

is “Leaving Again” in her brand new song.

If you’re in the market for the kind of music that would make you want more, then you’re reading the right post. We warn you, you’re about to get dragged into a hole of beautiful music, and it may take a while for you to recover.

Sadly, not much is known yet about this new artiste, but we’ll keep you posted. All we know now is that this is the song to hear this weekend. You might find yourself hooked to it that it could be your companion in this time of living within the four walls of your bedroom. We know how ironic that sounds with the title of the song.

Well, is out to thrill with this song titled “Leaving Again”. We’re sure you and a lot of other people would find it to be a really good listen.

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