Isitha Aama Ex – Wayezithandela Utshwala

Join if for a pop break as we vibe to what Isitha Aama Ex has put together, a song titled “Wayezithandela Utshwala.”

The songster hasn’t popped on our orbit previously. With this song, however, he appear to be saying that we should actually no write him off; he can entertain as can be imagined.

Well, we are here for his audacity. His latest drop isn’t actually bad. On the contrary, the number has unmistakable street appeal. This tune is something that can actually get the party started. And we are confident you can listen to it for a while without regrets.

You may as well begin your listening session right away and see what Isitha Aama Ex can do when given the chance to spit his bars. Take this as dessert, something to hold to while expecting a more savoury course.

Who days that is not the way to go?

Wayezithandela Utshwala

File removed on 20th September, 2023. Click for new music
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