Lvovo & Danger Premiere iStyle Featuring DJ Tira & Trademark

Lvovo & Danger return in style with a song titled, well, “iStyle,” which you can stream right here on UbeToo.

As should be obvious from the previous paragraph, this isn’t their first joint. When they link up, the result is unfailingly beautiful. And we’re only too happy to listen and share with our teeming fans.

“iStyle” is another lyrical winner, comparable in musicality and appeal to anything the pair has released previously. We are all for it. We should be, for, besides the song’s lyrical appeal, the musical connection between L’vovo and Danger could well pass for poetry of its own.

On “iStyle” the regular collaborator enlists the expertise of DJ Tira and Trademark.

Danger is one of the members of the Big Nuz group which also has West ink boss Mampintsha as member. The group disbanded years ago, just recently, however, word circulated that they might be back again. But the group is yet to release a new record, so we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed. For now embrace the song in review for all it’s worth. Way to go!

Well, what do you think of L’vovo and Danger’s “iStyle”? we invite you to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. LVOVO & DANGER PREMIERE ISTYLE FEATURING DJ TIRA & TRADEMARK VARIETY ARTISTS. Theatregoers can look forward to a mix of award-winning performances from internationally acclaimed Canadian musical theatre talent, including the renowned Richard Sennett Award winners and new additions Tia Taylor and Mary Beth Ochs — plus an all star cast that includes Sarah Baker. The evening will also feature international contemporary classical music produced by MOSCOW’S LESSON SKINS MUSIC RECORDINGS – with concert goers being able see choreographed ballet recreations at FAME RIDE THE WORLD in London on Tuesday May 7th 2016 followed up by Toronto’s BOOST Festival next week as wel

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