Iyanya – One Side

Nigerian singer Iyanya takes “One Side” in a new song which you can stream here and now and not get bored one beat.

For many, how a Monday begins might influence how the rest of the day goes. So if you’re a believer in that line of thinking, then you should make it a point to listen to the song this Nigerian has put together. It’s potent enough to elevate the spirit and keep you ahead in laughter and optimism.

Iyanya is rarely the artist you find peddling the dark side of life. So, you’re safe with what he has just put together. “One Side” sounds like a number to dance to. And if you’re the dancing type, you’d better get your dance shoes ready because it’s going to be a blast with this number.

The songster behind this number might be counted among the veterans in the game. His influence might have declined over the years, but he remains a potent voice in Nigerian music, with a repertoire that stands him out.

Well, wouldn’t you rather join us as we take “One Side” with what the Nigerian has put together? Best believe you’re in for a wonderful time with this one.

Iyanya – One Side

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