J. Cole Drops 2 New Songs, “The Climb Back” & “Lion King On Ice” | Listen

Cole shot to the top of the trends with the premiere of 2 new songs, “The Climb Back” & “Lion King On Ice.”

These are not surprise drops, though, as the songster had earlier hinted at what was imminent. Also, he had made it clear both songs are part of “The Fall Off,” his imminent sixth studio album.

However, J. Cole has a name for his two-song release: “Lewis Street.”

In “The Climb Back,”J. Cole asserts himself as not only one of the finest in the game, but one of those with deep pockets. He might not flaunt his resources, but he is way richer than the crowd. He made it clear he is sick of peeps that don’t have as much money yet are flaunting the “change” – our word – they have.

The fierceness of J. Cole’s delivery continues in the second track, “Lion King On Ice,” where he asserts his authority once again.

Of the two songs, we pick “Lion King On Ice” as our favourite. It is a song of cosmic appeal, well-produced, powerful. Production credit for the song goes to J. Cole, T-Minus, and Jetson.

You can stream the song below and let us know what you think about it, in the comment section.

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