J-Lens Musiq – SLICE

Rising musician J-Lens Musiq has made a return with his latest release, “SLICE”, today April 19, 2024. The independent artist continues to showcase his unique style and innovate musical genres under the banner of the record label Sixxtune Africa (Pty) Ltd.

“SLICE”, a single-track release, is a demonstration of J-Lens Musiq’s genre-fluid talent. Freely flowing through the song’s seven-minute-plus duration, it follows J-Lens Musiq’s distinctive formula of crafting compelling narratives and equally interesting beats. Despite featuring no explicit content, the track holds an engaging and mature aura, perhaps reflective of the artist’s growth in his musical journey.

Since his debut, J-Lens Musiq has leaned onto his distinct artistic vision to bring fresh and inimitable sound in the music industry. The copyright to this unique release, like his other works, is retained by the artist’s primary record label Sixxtune Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Reviews online have sung praises of “SLICE”, terming the track as “a single piece of music that somehow encapsulates J-Lens Musiq’s overall artistry.” Fans and critics alike acknowledged that the track holds a unique place in the artist’s discography, painting a picture of an artist who is not afraid to branch out and transform.

J-Lens Musiq’s “SLICE” is a chilling embodiment of his artistic ethos. It’s a stellar exemplification of how he can blend mainstream appeal with a noticeably idiosyncratic musical style. As J-Lens Musiq’s musical career moves forward, this latest release indicates that his talent has grown significantly. “SLICE” is available for streaming across all major platforms.

SLICE – Single

Artist: J-Lens Musiq
Genres: Dance
Release Date: 4/19/2024
Track Count: 1
Explicitness: notExplicit
Copyright: ℗ 2024 Sixxtune Africa (Pty) Ltd


# Title Artist Duration Status
1 SLICE J-Lens Musiq 7:10 Released


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