J Molley – Almost Dead Album

South African musician J Molley is “Almost Dead” – well, that’s only in an album, his latest, which you can stream here on UbeToo.

At a time when South Africa’s music universe has been lanced on almost every side by the deaths of prominent figures, it’s intriguing that J Molley should not only explore a dark theme in the title of his song but accentuate the same with the cover art of the project.

The cover art of this shows the songster deliberately smashing a mirror with a clenched fist. What’s the message there, and why would he do that?

The does not exactly offer deep clues. As a piece of work, though, there’s no denying the potency of the compilation.

The bears 10 tracks in all, beginning with “Rumors” and ending with the sound of “Heaven.” In-between, there are “Up To,” “Still,” “Armed & Dangerous,” and “No Mind” …And we’re still counting.


NO Title
1 Rumours
2 Up To
3 Still
4 Armed & Dangerous
5 No Mind
6 Soaring
7 Crime Pays
8 No Way
9 Rehab
10 Heaven

With no guests on any of the songs, J Molley has invariably joined the league of musos who’ve released “solo” albums.

But then there’s not much to quarrel with the songster’s choices as, taken together, the songs make a sumptuous whole that will make music lovers burp and burp.

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