J &S Projects & Koppz Deep – Mas’fika Ft. Chley

J &S Projects and Koppz Deep present a new tune titled “Mas’fika,” featuring associate Chley. It’s a meeting of local champs, and best believe that they did great as a team.

J &S Projects and Koppz Deep might be picked as examples that one does not need to have an extensive collaborative history with other musicians to put out a resonant project with them.

The musicians have been doing their things as they know best to do, but they really hit it off on this tune. The result is that the listener ends up with a big smile and a craving for more collaborative runs. But that’s by the way.

The weekend is upon us, and we’re happy to count this song among the numbers to vibe with now and even into a new week. The fiery energy latent in this jam cannot be missed by anyone intent on experiencing it in the first place.

J &S Projects & Koppz Deep – Mas’fika Ft. Chley

File removed on 20th September, 2023. Click for new music
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