Jack Harlow Premieres Sophomore Album “Come Home the Kids Miss You” — Listen

It’s been a year of focus, ditching vices, ignoring invitations and just focusing on creating. The efforts finally paid off as American rapper premieres his sophomore album, “Come Home the Kids Miss You.” 

With such a title, what exactly comes to mind? A runaway lover? A failed relationship? Acrimony? So much is embedded in the title of this body of work, and a lot of them play out in the songs as well. So no qualms. 

The compilation bears 15 tracks and features some top in the game, including Pharrell, Drake, Lil Wayne and Justin Timberlake. 

The compilation begins with the songster giving fans “Talk of the Town,” followed by jams like “Young Harleezy” and “I’d Do Anything to Make You Smile.”

Others are First Class,” “Dua Lipa,” “Side Piece,” and we’re still counting. Fifteen songs fall into the league of a compact project, in our estimation. Also, in limiting himself to just four guests, succeeded in making it about himself. Yup. The guests on the song might be more prominent than Jack, but the album isn’t their turf. Jack remained the man of the project. 

So much effort has gone into the making of this album, and the result is something to lap up. 

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