Jah Prayzah Presents “Kana Ndada” feat. Zahara

Zimbabwean singer Jah Prayzah links up with Mzansi’s Zahara for an interesting tune titled “Kana Ndada.” It is worth hearing.

“Kana Ndada” isn’t exactly a single drop — and no, it didn’t pop online yesterday. It was part of the champ’s “Kokoyo” album. It popped online about two months ago.

Think that a long time? Well, you may have to rethink that. The message of the song is eternal. With each encounter, it speaks to your soul, this song, especially if you are a believer in the letters of love and relationships.

“Kana Ndada” traces the love between the souls who are miles apart and sorely miss seeing each other. Couples in distant relationship will certainly appreciate this song. It isn’t one of those numbers you listen to and then forget. Not at all. We count this number among the lyrical winners in the “Kokoyo” album.

Jah Prayzah is one of Zimbabwe’s notable voices. In fact a list of top Zimbabwean artistes will not be complete without his name. Interestingly, Zahara is herself a notable voice, in the world of South African music.

Both artiste bring you a charming tune you are going to vibe with for a long time to come. Tap the play button below and assess their world of love.

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