Jay Jody, A-Reece & Marcus Harvey – Purple Palm Trees

Join us for a break as we vibe with Jay Jody, and Marcus Harvey, who have just released a new song titled “Purple Palm Trees” – available for your listening pleasure here on UbeToo.

It’s a meeting of some respected local favourites, and best believe that they did well as a team here. You should love their offering, really. One of the songsters on the joint, A-Reece, is called The Boy Doing Things. And he’s been doing wonderful things on the music scene in the Rainbow Nation since he manifested there.

The other, Jay Jody, is his mother. The two share great musical synergy and have a couple of jams together already. So another joint jam – this time with in tow – is nothing surprising.

Well, it should be your pleasure listening to all three as they fire away in a song that’s as liberating as can be.

Jay Jody, A-Reece & Marcus Harvey – Purple Palm Trees

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