Jay Jody – Release Form EP

Jay Jody Unveils "Release Form" EP: A New Chapter in South African Hip-Hop

A Blend of Collaborative Genius and Lyrical Mastery

South African music artist Jay Jody has made a significant mark in the hip-hop scene with the release of his latest project, the “Release Form” EP. This new collection, which includes a total of seven tracks, is a showcase of Jay Jody’s evolving artistry and his ability to blend different musical elements seamlessly.

The EP features various collaborations with notable artists such as A-Reece, Ginger Trill, Blaklez, and Nyota Parker. These collaborations bring a unique flavour to each track, highlighting Jay Jody’s versatility and his knack for creating synergistic musical partnerships.

One of the standout tracks, “Hands of Time,” is already generating buzz for its introspective lyrics and captivating beats. Release Form EP combines introspective storytelling and hard-hitting rap, Jay Jody’s signature style.

The “Release Form” EP is more than just a collection of songs; it reflects Jay Jody’s growth as an artist and his contribution to the South African hip-hop landscape. His ability to weave personal narratives with broader social themes, all while maintaining a distinct sound, sets this EP apart.

“Release Form” EP is already available for listening on platforms like Spotify, offering an entry into what promises to be a milestone in Jay Jody’s career. With “Release Form,” Jay Jody is not just releasing music; he’s making a statement about the power of collaboration, storytelling, and innovation in the ever-evolving hip-hop world.

Release Form EP



Track Number Title Duration
1 Hands Of Time 2:46
2 B!tch I’m Good (feat. A-Reece) 2:43
3 Rollin’ Loud In Quiet Places (feat. Ginger Trill) 3:34
4 Out Of My Head (feat. Blaklez) 3:36
5 Inside 3:22
6 The Cycle (feat. Nyota Parker) 4:28
7 The Love 3:29


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