Jay Jody – Sundress Ft. Una Rams

If you’re a keen follower of South African music, then you probably already know that Jay Jody and Una Rams are no serial collaborators. Still, as you will find out presently, the two hit it off on a song titled “Sundress.”

The number is part of the lead musician’s “Sunset Stories” mixtape. The title of the project is pretty intriguing, and so are several of the songs in the compilation, including the song in review. With this number, you’re well assured of a blast this weekend.

Of course, we don’t mean a bomb going off somewhere. What you get, instead, is a musical experience that will stay with you for a long time because it is as memorable as can be. Now that’s one experience to aspire to and embrace as well.

And oh, it costs nothing to do just that. Just tap the play button and let the music begin.

Jay Jody – Sundress Ft. Una Rams

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