Jay Jody – The Revenge Pack: Before Sunset EP

It’s the moment for cool jams, and we invite you as we savour one of them – Jay Jody’s “The Revenge Pack: Before Sunset” EP, released by Revenge Club Records,

The record label is owned by his younger brother, A-Reece, with whom he had collaborated a couple of times. But The Boy Doing Things is missing from the latest compilation. One can’t fault that because the compilation is pretty lean – with just three tracks.

It begins with “Quincy Jones Freestyle” and ends with “The Moment.” Between those is a number dubbed “All Szn!” Shor but fiery – what many would consider the ideal compilation. At any rate, this body of work is as appealing as can be and will easily snap fans beyond the orbit of hip hop.

So, whatever your musical tastes, do not be surprised if you should find something charming in the body of work. So, tap the play button and rock hard, peeps!


1. Jay Jody – Quincy Jones Freestyle

2. Jay Jody – All SZN!

3. Jay Jody – The Moment

This file was removed on the 20th September, 2023 due to DMCA claims

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